Keeping Kate

Keeping Kate

Bringing a Beautiful Spy to Justice is Captain Alec Fraser’s Greatest Challenge in Keeping Kate, a Scottish Historical Romance from Susan King

—Scottish Highlands, 1728—

A brazen beauty rumored to possess fairy magic, Kate MacCarran has charmed and seduced English military men out of carefully guarded secrets to aid the Scottish cause. But then the infamous Katie Hell meets the one man seemingly immune to her legendary allure and enchanting trickery.

Captain Alec Fraser of the Black Watch has no doubt Katie Hell is trouble. Hadn’t she just drugged him, kissed him, and searched through his belongings? Having captured the elusive Scottish spy, he must singlehandedly transport her to Edinburgh and justice. But, the Highland hellion challenges him at every turn, determined to escape with her secrets—and his.

Alec quickly discovers that keeping Kate out of mischief—without losing his heart—is nearly impossible while Kate realizes that surrendering to the power of love may be her most dangerous mission yet.

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